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Maximising Community Share Ownership in Kintyre Windfarms for the benefit of local communities

Kintyre Wind represents a collaborative project involving Community Councils across Kintyre and EKREG Ltd to facilitate and deliver Community Shared Ownership (CSO) to the Kintyre communities.

When Windfarm developers offer Community Shared Ownership in consented windfarms to the impacted communities, EKREG Ltd will lead the negotiations and then bring the offer to the communities.

If the offer is acceptable to the communities, a Multi Community Benefit Society will be established to invest in the local Windfarm.

When the Multi Community Benefit Societies receive the income from the Windfarms, funds will be donated to the Anchor Charity Beneficiaries which are local charities, nominated by the community councils and whose purposes are to benefit the local communities through community development, education and regeneration.

Kintyre Wind

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Remember these funds will be used for years to come to benefit the communities of Kintyre

Windfarm Developments in Kintyre

Kintyre Windfarm Developments Map

The full details of each of windfarm development application can be found on either the "Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit website" (applications over 50MW) or "Argyll and Bute Council Planning Applications website" (applications under 50MW).

Application announcements can also be found in the "Kintyre Wind News" section as the details are released.

The Communities

Agreements are in place for EKREG Ltd to take the lead and explore Community Shared Ownership (CSO) opportunities in new/repowered local wind farm developments on behalf of the following Kintyre Community Council areas.

The Community Benefit Societies

Community Benefit Societies will be established to advance Community Shared Ownership in local windfarms and thus produce renewable energy which generates sustainable funding to further community development, education and regeneration via their support of local community charities. As EKREG Ltd receive CSO offers from Kintyre windfarm developers, the details of each of the Community Benefit Societies will be announced here.

Lussa Community Wind Ltd


The Anchor Charities

The Anchor charity beneficiaries are the community council nominated charities whose purposes are to benefit the local communities through community development, education and regeneration.

Supported by the Scottish Government’s

Community and Renewable

Energy Scheme (CARES)

"The Kintyre Wind website is an excellent source of information on the community shared ownership and community benefit opportunities in Kintyre. All the best to East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group in their endeavours to secure significant and long term benefits for the Kintyre community."

Mark Brennan, Shared Ownership Manager, Local Energy Scotland