Kintyre Wind

Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC050650

The East Kintyre Community Fund has been set up (registered with OSCR in 2021) to enable the distribution of Community funds from windfarms, and funds from other sources, to community groups or organisations within the area of East Kintyre to undertake projects that meet the public benefit criteria agreed by the SCIO and the donors and which fall within the purposes of:

  • the advancement of community development and sustainability (including rural regeneration)

  • the advancement of education

  • the advancement of arts, heritage, culture or science

  • the provision of recreational facilities or the organisation of recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended

  • the advancement of environmental protection or improvement

  • the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage

The SCIO shall promote (but not promote exclusively) its activities and operations to people within the area of East Kintyre. These people will be the SCIO’s beneficiaries.

It is intended that all future Community Benefits from windfarms and other sources will be channelled into this fund along with revenues generated by Community Shared Ownership in renewable developments that impact on East Kintyre. The fund is not to be confused with the East Kintyre Windfarm Trust, which sits under the auspices of the Argyll and Bute Windfarm & Renewable Trust and distributes funds from existing windfarms.

Our Vision

A resilient and sustainable East Kintyre Community.

Our Mission

To use the financial resources provided by community benefits and shared ownership in renewable developments, as well as other funding sources to help deliver the legacy projects and priorities identified in the East Kintyre Local Development Plan.

Our Funding Priorities

The Charity Trustees are keen to support activities that advance the Purposes in an effective way and will endeavour to fund those projects that show the largest public benefit, including;

  • (a) The engagement, consultation and production of the Community Local Development Plan (LDP) and the ensuing Community Action Plan (CAP).

  • (b) delivery of projects that are part of community agreed LDP/CAP

  • (c) other areas that have a priority as agreed by the Charity Trustees' and sponsors’

The Charity Trustees will not normally support:

  • (a) projects which do not meet the public benefit test as outlined in OSCR’s guidance document on these matters

  • (b) projects that are to be expected to be undertaken by statutory bodies, such as local Council, Social Work, Police, Schools and Health Service.

  • (c) Grants sought retrospectively

The Charity Trustees will occasionally award grants that fall outside the priorities stated in this policy, provided that they are satisfied that the grant will further the Purposes and is an appropriate use of the Charity's funds. The total annual amount of such grants will never be greater than 5% of the yearly fund revenue.