Kintyre Wind

Lussa Community Wind Limited

A Community Benefit Society established to support the local communities of Campbeltown, East Kintyre and West Kintyre

Lussa Community Wind Limited is a Community Benefit Society (Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority [no. 8576]) established to carry on business for the benefit of the community at large through furthering community development, education and regeneration within the boundaries of the following local communities: Campbeltown Community Council, East Kintyre Community Council and West Kintyre Community Council, through application of windfarm funds such as resulting from the Beinn an Tuirc 3 windfarm [BaT3].

It does this by donating its surpluses equally to its three Anchor Charity Members - East Kintyre Community Fund (EKCF), Campbeltown Community Windfarm Fund (CCWF) and West Kintyre Community Fund (WKCF).

The BaT3 windfarm, developed by Scottish Power Renewables [SPR]/Iberdrola, comprises 14 x Mark 3.0 Vestas turbines generating 50MW of clean sustainable energy sufficient to power more than 46,000 homes. It is the first windfarm in Scotland to be subject to a PPA with the corporate giant Amazon which guarantees the price to be paid for the power generated and fed into the National Grid.

Local communities will receive approximately £5.6 million over the 25 years from this windfarm.

Meet the Board of Directors

Jerry Barnes

(Founding Member Director)

(EKREG Director )

Rob Lee

(Chair & Founding Member Director)

(EKREG Director & EKCF Trustee)

Alasdair Bennett

(Founding Member Director)

(EKREG Director & EKCF Trustee)

Zofia Sloan

(Anchor Member Director)

(WCKF Trustee)

Valerie Nimmo

(Anchor Member Director)

(CCWT Trustee & CCC Councillor)