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East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group (EKREG) was formed in July 2019 to research new and/or proposed renewable energy developments that will impact on Kintyre. The primary aim of the group is to highlight the socio-economic implications of such developments and maximise community benefit income to the community from agreed developments. Whilst, for the first time in the region, also exploring the opportunities for community shared ownership in new developments. Our ultimate objective is to establish new and enhanced income streams that can help fund the legacy projects identified in local Community Council-approved development plans.

The Scottish Government want to see a significant increase in shared ownership opportunities being made available across all renewable energy projects in Scotland, helping to deliver lasting economic and social benefits to host communities across the country. Scottish Government Good Practice Principles 2019 - Community Shared Ownership and Scottish Government Good Practice Principles 2019 - Community Benefits were launched in April 2019. Current and past wind farm applications can be found on the Scottish Governments Energy Consents Unit website.

A spin-out from EKREG has been the formation of a not-for-profit limited company – EKREG Ltd – to facilitate confidential discussions with selected developers over community shared ownership in local wind farm developments.

Windfarm Developments in Kintyre

Kintyre Windfarm Developments Map

The full details of each of windfarm development application can be found on either the "Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit website" (applications over 50MW) or "Argyll and Bute Council Planning Applications website" (applications under 50MW).

Application announcements can also be found in the "Kintyre Wind News" section as the details are released.

EKREG Ltd leads CSO negotiations on behalf of all Kintyre communities

Agreements are now in place for EKREG Ltd to take the lead and explore community shared ownership (CSO) opportunities in new/repowered local wind farm developments on behalf of:


EKREG Ltd.’s mission will pursue the Scottish Governments Best Practice Guidelines 2019 whereby wind farm developers are encouraged to invite communities to take shared ownership in new developments and finances are available to expedite community participation. There are several examples of community ownership that have been most profitable for the communities involved see: Local Energy Scotland - Case Studies 

EKREG is leading the way in Scotland to enable Community Councils to work in partnership and deliver MULTI COMMUNITY SHARED OWNERSHIP IN RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS (SOREP). EKREG Ltd has recently been successful in having their new set of Community Benefit Society Model Rules approved and registered by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). For further information please read our Press Release and Multi-Community SOREP page.

EKREG & EKREG Ltd Documentation

Community Shared Ownership Projects

When the community receive an outline offer in Community Shared Ownership in a renewable development, the specific project information will be added here.

Meet the EKREG Team

A volunteer group with significant relevant experience who act on behalf of all Kintyre Community Councils in relation to CSO negotiations.

Alasdair Bennett

(Chair /Treasurer/ Director)

Jerry Barnes

(Secretary / Director)

Rob Lee