Kintyre Wind

Community Benefit Societies have been established to advance Community Shared Ownership (CSO) in local windfarms to generate sustainable funding to further community development, education and regeneration via their support of local community charities.

A Community Benefit Society is a not-for-profit organisation that operates its business purely for the benefit of the community rather than just shareholders or members of the society. Its objectives must service the broader interests of the community, such as through furthering community development, education and regeneration. The Society is owned by its members on the basis of one person / one vote. Although a Community Benefit Society is required by the Financial Conduct Authority to specify the community, or communities, to be benefited, membership is not restricted to residents of that community.

Kintyre Community Benefit Societies

Lussa Community Wind Ltd

Lussa Community Wind Limited (LCWL) is the first Community Benefit Society to be established by Kintyre Wind.

LCWL was set up to assist the three impacted Community Councils of Campbeltown, East Kintyre and West Kintyre maximise funding from Beinn an Tuirc 3 (BaT3) windfarm.